Multiple Peril Crop Insurance
MPCI covers loss of production due to drought, flood, fire, insects, plant disease, and adverse weather conditions.

Catastrophic Insurance Coverage
CAT coverage is the minimum amount of coverage required to maintain eligibility for federal farm program benefits. CAT provides protection losses that exceed 50% of Actual Production History (APH) at 55% of APH at 55% of the crop's expected market price. It has more limitations than standard MPCI coverage, and is a basic unit coverage only.  

Crop Hail Coverage
Crop Hail protects against losses to crops from hail damage. Several options are available from dollar-per-acre coverage to Production Plans on certain crops.  

Crop Revenue Coverage
CRC provides guaranteed revenue protection based on Actual Production History (APH) to include price as well as yield variability.

Adjusted Gross Revenue
AGR provides comprehensive production against weather and unavoidable price related causes of loss. Coverage levels are available at 65% coverage level and 75% payment rate (65/75), 65/90, 75/75, 75/90, and 80/90 (additional eligibility and reporting requirements are imposed for 75% and 80% coverage levels).  
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